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Weekly CFTC Commitment of Traders highlights.

2-YEAR U.S. TREASURY net short 313.0K contracts, up 7.K from prior week and a 4-month high in net shorts... 10-YEAR U.S. TREASURY net short 288.8K contracts, flat from prior week... 30-DAY FED FUNDS FUTURES net short 3.3K contracts, down 3.1K from prior week and a 6-month low in net shorts... CONSOLIDATED S&P 500 FUTURES net long 4.5K contracts, down 6.6K from prior week and a 3-month low in net longs... E-MINI RUSSELL FUTURES net short 80.6K contracts, up 5.8K from prior week and a 8-month high in net shorts... U.S. DOLLAR INDEX net long 27.1K contracts, up 4.7K from prior week and a 3-week high in net longs...

EURO net short 35.9K contracts, up 4.1K from prior week... BRITISH POUND net short 73.0K contracts, up 8.7K from prior week and a 10-month high in net shorts... JAPANESE YEN net short 3.7K contracts, up 2.4K from prior week... SWISS FRANC net short 10.4K contracts, down 0.3K from prior week and a 15-month low in net shorts... AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR net short 54.0K contracts, down 4.7K from prior week and a 2-month low in net shorts... NEW ZEALAND DOLLAR net short 22.2K contracts, down 1.8K from prior week and a 4-week low in net shorts... CANADIAN DOLLAR net long 9.2K contracts, up 2.9K from prior week and a 15-month high in net longs... MEXICAN PESO net long 126.4K contracts, up 18.1K from prior week and a 6-week high in net longs... CRUDE OIL net long 390.1K contracts, down 2.7K from prior week... GOLD net long 244.8K contracts, down 14.2K from prior week... SILVER net long 25.2K contracts, down 5.3K from prior week and a 3-week low in net longs... COPPER net short 40.0K contracts, up 10.8K from prior week and a multi-year high in net shorts.

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Publication:The Fly
Date:Jul 12, 2019
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