Printer Friendly Tried & tested: Waterproof plasters.

Tesco washproof, 24 assorted, 69p

Not easy to open and the plaster became tangled in the way that Sellotape does, so I wasted a couple. Once on, it stayed in place for eight hours but left a white mark when it came off. 6/10

Asda clear plasters, 48 assorted, pounds 1.98

A good, robust design in four sizes, including two large knee plasters. The standard-size finger plasters were a bit short to be man-size, but survived 24 hours without becoming loose or grimy. 8/10.

Boots clear plasters, 24 assorted, pounds 2.19

A soft but sticky plaster which kept out the dirt and wet. It was the only one which did not leave a white mark. And I liked the clear design, which stopped the material from getting grubby. 10/10

Elastoplast water resistant, 20 assorted, pounds 2.35

This pliable plaster had good padding and a suede feel. It was easy to unwrap, but fell off after the first contact with water. The most expensive, but least hardy. 3/10

Aldi Health Essentials water repellent, 40 assorted, 49p

The most variety with five types to choose from. Stayed firmly in place, despite household chores and goalkeeping duties. Great value. 10/10
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 9, 2005
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