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Weekender: Gardens: Shrubs up well; TEN REASONS TO CELEBRATE SUNNY SPRING.

Byline: edited by PIPPA GREENWOOD

SPRING is really here and what better way to celebrate the season than by buying some shrubs for your garden?

For long-term, lasting structure, shrubs take some beating. True, they'll cost a bit more than a few trays of bedding plants but they'll last for years.

There's still time to plant them and, as long as you keep them adequately watered during drier spells, they will establish well.

Visit any garden centre and you'll be amazed at the number of shrubs on special offer. Here's my top 10 springtime shrubs:

1 Forsythia's sunny yellow flowers are a real tonic and it is particularly easy to grow.

2 Clematis montana: A fantastic climber that will give a breath-taking display. But it can grow to 60ft if not cut back.

3 Amelanchier canadensis is better value than most spring blossom trees. In autumn the leaves turn brilliant red and yellow.

4 Cornus nutallii: The creamy white bracts give the illusion of masses of flowers then become flushed with pink. These are followed by extraordinary fruits which look like strawberries.

5 Pieris: The red to salmon coloured leaves give brighter hues than most spring flowers.

6 Photinia "Red Robin" is another stunner if you want bright new foliage.

7 Osmanthus delavayi: This looks gorgeous and the perfume makes it close to perfect.

8 Kerria japonica: This is a really tough plant despite its delicate looks.

9 Enkianthus campanulatus is a real sweetie and I don't know why it isn't grown more widely.

10 Cytisus or broom: Pretty pea-like flowers line the upright stems in late spring and summer.


IN THE PINK: Clematis is a great climber; TOP POT: Forsythia in at No1
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 23, 2005
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