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Websites that cover the marijuana industry are at a disadvantage when it comes to online ad revenue. Search giant Google won't permit ads that promote or specialize in drugs, legal or illegal. Enter Cheeba. corn, a new search engine and advertising network started by the Medical Cannabis Network. "While ad networks like Google AdSense seem to flat out ban companies from reaching out [to] the cannabis community," CEO Jason Draizin said in a press release, "Cheeba is stepping in to give the green light for 420-friendly online advertising,"

As a search engine, Cheeba can't compete with Google. But as an all-around marijuana marketplace, it's not bad. Type "kush" into the search field, and the site returns pages for dispensaries that sell relevant strains along with reviews, plus a (Google) map indicating store locations and hours. The site also features coupons from dispensaries and a news aggregator with pot stories from around the Web.

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Date:Dec 21, 2011
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