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Weed out defective mask CHQDs.

Defective coupling half quick disconnects (CHQD) for the M40A1, M42A2, and M45 masks are in the field. They could cause the masks to leak so they must be weeded out immediately. NBC NCOs, do the bubble test for all your unit's masks. The test is part of the checks for the drinking system in each mask's TM. If you see bubbles, the mask shouldn't be used.

Get a replacement CHQD by emailing Chem/ Provide your unit name, unit UIC, location, POC, POC's DSN/commercial phone numbers, mask NSNs, and number of CHQDs required for each type of mask. Replace and dispose of the defective CHQDs according to the directions in MWO 3-4240-346-20-3 (M40A1 and M42A2) and MWO 3-4240-300-20-1 (M45).

Questions? Contact TACOM's Mary Wischoff at DSN 793-1936/Com (309) 782-1936 or email
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