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Wedding belle for a good cause; FEATURE.

HERE is so much to organise with a wedding.

The flowers, the cake, the venue, the menu but what everyone wants to see most on the big day is THE DRESS. So it's best to get it right.

Most brides have a very clear idea of what they want and a brand new bridal shop in Cardiff is hoping to make all those dreams come true for a bargain price while helping to save lives at the same time.

Here is what happened when one bride-to-be went along to try out wedding dresses for the first time...

THE BRIDE-TO-BE Lowri Dennis, 31, from Cowbridge , is a secondary school teacher in Pontypridd. Her fiance, Simon, proposed to her on August 30 in the walled garden in Southerndown.

He enlisted the help of four friends to make sure the garden was empty and they created a path of fairy lights up to a lovely picnic with photos of the couple pinned among fairy lights.

They will get married in the beautiful Church of St Dochdwy in the hamlet of Llandough, near Cowbridge, in August next year. The reception will be held in a marquee in a nearby field.

THE SHOP Like most bridal shops, Pritchard and Moore in Whitchurch, Cardiff, stocks all the best designer wedding dresses and accessories from the likes of Ellis Bridal, Jonathan James, Justin Alexander, Blue, San Patrick, Eva Jordan, Catherine Jane and Ronald Joyce.

And, like most boutiques, it offers an indulgent atmosphere, high quality dressing rooms and a specialist service.

But that's where most similarities end. All the profits from sales of wedding dresses at the Tyn Y Pwll Road store go straight to Cancer Research Wales as this is a very high-end charity shop.

Many of the dresses have been donated directly by designers or are ex-season stock given from other bridal boutiques.

Other designer dresses have been donated by former brides who would like their special dress to be worn again and raise money for a vital cause.

WHO DID LOWRI TAKE SHOPPING WITH HER? Her mum Jan Dennis and work colleague and friend Sioned Weeks and they were helped by boutique manager Alison George.

DRESS 1 Designer: Mumbles bridal designer Stephanie Allin, whose dresses normally sell for thousands. Her dresses are world renowned and she has her own boutique in central London too. What the bride thought: "I am not entirely sure about the length because we have to walk a bit from the church to the marquee, but it is very pretty and I like the design at the top and the detail on the back. I hadn't thought about having a veil, but it does look well with it."

What her mum and friend thought: Mum: "I really like it, but there are no tears yet. I have got a different idea in my head about what I think we will both like. We both have very similar tastes and I think we will agree on the same dress. Often in a shop we will split up and then come together with exactly the same outfit.

"I will have been married 40 years next year and I saw my dress in a fashion show by a big store in Cardiff at the time called Marment.

"I went to try it on and the designer Miss Caswell saw it and said she would make it fit for me. I loved my wedding dress and can't wait for Lowri to find hers."

Sioned: "I think Lowri will look lovely in everything she tries on so I have no idea what she will go for. I love this dress, but I just don't think it's Lowri."

Cost: PS500.

DRESS 2 Designer: This is one of 30 dresses donated to the shop by Phase 8 and is called a Pandora. What the bride thought: "I thought I really liked the other one until I tried this one. It's a lovely style and I like the length of the train on the back." What her mum and friend thought: Mum: "I think the back on this one is beautiful. It is very nice but I am not sure it fits in with this type of wedding."

Sioned: "I spotted this dress the minute we came into the shop." Cost: PS375.

DRESS 3 Designer: Another Stephanie Allin, this time picked off the rails by mum Jan What the bride thought: "I do like this one because mum and I had discussed getting a wedding dress that was not too long. I like the veil too. I like the way it is fitted and seem to be drawn to this designer's range of dresses."

What her mum and friend thought: Mum: "We have talked about a shorter dress and I love this, but think we could go even shorter."

Sioned: "It is a very nice dress. It does look very nice. I did say that Lowri would look nice in any wedding dress and I think today proved it. She has looked fantastic in all three." Cost: PS600.

| Did Lowri choose her dream dress? We'll have to wait till August to find out...
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