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Wedding Bells Ring for Cotton, but the Bell May Be Tolling on James and Polly's Marriage in Touchstone Television's "Thanks," Airing Aug. 23 on CBS.

BURBANK, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Aug. 16, 1999--

James' (Tim Dutton) prewedding advice to Cotton (Jim Rash) does more to get himself in hot water with Polly (Kirsten Nelson) than help his friend in the "Marriage" episode of Touchstone Television's "Thanks," airing Monday, Aug. 23, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Brian Roberts directed from a script by Phoef Sutton & Mark Legan.

Desperately lonely for female companionship, Cotton turns to a mail-order bride service to fill the void in his life. James is amazed that his friend would stoop to this, but Cotton assures James that he's done the right thing -- he'll finally have someone to help him plow the fields, split firewood and cook for him. What more could a Pilgrim want?

The big day has arrived, and Cotton gets to meet his fair bride, Rose (Alicia Rickter), and tie the knot. Before departing to the dock to greet her ship, James imparts some prenuptial advice to his friend and cautions him that marriage is hard work and can be very difficult.

Already frazzled and on edge from her preparations for the big wedding feast, Polly overhears her dear husband's words of wisdom and takes offense at the harsh picture of marriage he paints for Cotton. This sparks a fight between the couple and Polly storms out, but James isn't the only one with problems.

Cotton is distraught when he first lays eyes on his wife-to-be. Beautiful and model-thin, Rose is nothing like what he expected -- how can someone so skinny be of any use to him around the farm? Cotton reluctantly goes through with the ceremony, but their union is immediately on the rocks.

Meanwhile, James and Polly struggle to work through their first fight. They seek help from Rev. Goodacre (Keith Szarabajka), who wisely prescribes a good old-fashioned three-day exorcism to rid them of their troubles.

Promising that they'll check their schedules and get back to him, James and Polly search for another solution. After going on a walk in the woods, they soon find themselves lost and the bickering persists. Finally, the couple realize that the source of their problems is not their marriage, but the absolute terror they feel because they have no idea how to survive in their new land!

"Thanks" is produced by Mauretania Inc. in association with Touchstone Television. Phoef Sutton & Mark Legan are the executive producers, with Brenda Hanes-Berg as producer.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 16, 1999
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