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Website offers brain-healthy activities for employees of all ages.

In conjunction with Brain Awareness Week in mid-March, the Conference Board, a global business research and membership organization, and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, an organization comprising 280 leading neuroscientists (including 10 Nobel laureates), launched, an interactive online tool that promotes brain-healthy activities for employees of all ages and education levels. connects the latest research in the field of cognitive science to practical suggestions for working and living smarter and longer by highlighting the brain's capacity for improvement, reinvention and dynamic growth at every age. The site also allows users to get answers to questions relating to their own particular needs and includes games, quizzes and other interactive features that test and exercise cognitive fitness.

The last few decades have seen a shift in preferred learning styles from verbal to visual to virtual, based on when individuals were first exposed to computers. This "digital divide" roughly demarcates those who were formally educated before the widespread use of computers versus those who came to computers in adolescence or earlier. takes into account learning styles and preferences based on which side of the "digital divide" people fall.

"The guide points out the good news for those in the working world--the brain's ability to change with experience and learning," says Jeri Sedlar, senior advisor to the Conference Board on mature workforce issues. "This 'plasticity' continues throughout life, and learning strengthens the brain's architecture and makes it easier to learn more. So, all that time spent learning a new computer system and mastering your Blackberry is time well spent."

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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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