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Websense warns of bogus blogs hiding malicious code.


Internet filtering company, Websense, has warned users to be aware of fake blogs or web journals that are used to infect users' computers with malicious code such as keylogging software or viruses.

The company said that it has discovered hundreds of the fake blogs, and warned that they could get past traditional security measures to infect users' computers. Websense said that it had seen examples of a blog being created and laced with malicious code and then the address being sent out to unwitting users via spam e-mails or over instant messaging services.

A spokesperson for the company said that a certain amount of social engineering takes place to get users to visit the blog sites, and that they cannot be accidentally stumbled across, and urged users to keep their anti-virus and security software up-to-date, reports the BBC.

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Date:Apr 14, 2005
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