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Webs of Power.

Webs Of Power

Erik Fortman

Van Cleave Publishing

1712 Riverside Dr. #93, Austin, TX 78741

0975967002 $14.95

Featuring an exclusive interview with Congressman Ron Paul, Webs Of Power: Government Agencies, Secret Societies & Elite Legacies is a straightforward indictment on the cravings for power and to forment chaos as expressed by songwriter and journalist Erik Fortman. Chapters discuss power and shady manipulations in the CIA, the IRS, and other government organizations; revealt the mandates and histories of power-hungry societies such as Freemasons and Skull & Bones, expose legacies of power perpetuated by such societies in the mindsets of people today such as the Du Ponts, the Rockefellers, and Clan Bush (Fortman builds a case to openly declare "The Bushes are not Americans, they are Illuminati"), and much more. A decidedly cynical yet sharply revealing look at the events of history and the unfortunately conclusions that can be drawn from tracing the lines of power and money.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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