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Weber, Lori. Yellow Mini.

3Q * 3P * J * S

Weber, Lori. Yellow Mini. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2011. 224p. $11.95 Trade pb. 978-1554551996.

Five characters share this free-verse novel. Annabelle, Mary, and Stacy had been friends since elementary school, until they were torn apart by teenage relationships. Christopher is invisible but hopes to gain Annabelle's attention. Mark is Stacy's boyfriend, but he would rather be with his yellow Mini, chasing the dreams and fulfilling the expectations that his dead father placed on him. Focusing primarily on the first few months of school in their senior year and a talent show, the characters explore their feelings and voice their hopes and fears. Annabelle is trying to save the world by following her ideals. Mary surrounds herself in a cocoon of music. Stacy left her friends when she started dating Mark, one of the hottest guys at school, but she is not sure what she wants out of their relationship. Mark bought the Mini with the settlement money from his father's traffic death, and he hopes to escape his town. Christopher only wants Annabelle.

In this short novel, Weber accesses not only the feelings of the five main characters, but also of their parents, teachers, and others who contribute knowledge and emotions to explain their actions or their perceptions. The voices are compelling as they reflect and comment on events. Each page presents the perspective of one character, and several black-and-white doodles can be found throughout the book. Fans of Kirsten Smith's The Geography of Girlhood (Little, Brown 2006/VOYA December 2006) will enjoy this novel, as will those who like the writings of Sonya Sones.--Etienne Vailee.

This book is about five teenagers who are trying to find their way through their last year of high school. Relationships and interactions between these teens are explored in poem form, with each teen presenting their perspective on events happening to them. Poetry lovers will enjoy this book, as will those who like a quick read about relationships. 3Q, 3P.--Monique Perry, Teen Reviewer.

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Author:Vailee, Etienne; Perry, Monique
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2012
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