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WebTrends Intelligence Suite. (Management News & Products).

WebTrends Intelligence Suite, formerly CommerceTrends, analyses and reports on Web customer data at both anonymous and individual level, and integrates with customer and sales information. The program also includes a scalable data warehouse to enable c-businesses to store details of customer activity, for advanced analysis.

New Intelligence Suite features include: Improved Scalability: The Suite processes Web data up to five times faster than the previous version of CommerceTrends. Hundreds of gigabytes of log data can be processed and analysed daily, addressing the Scalability requirements of the largest enterprise organisations.

WebTrends Report Designer. The Report Designer enables marketing, service and support users to create Customised reports against the WebTrends Warehouse. Trending reports allow Web activity information to be compared across time periods.

New Integration Tables: New pre-designed tables in the Warehouse improve data integration with other customer contact-oriented applications, such as the Siebel Call Centre. Sales and marketing managers cm use these tables to create more targeted e-mail campaigns, while service and support managers can correlate Web-based knowledge base activity with calls into the call centre.
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Publication:Software World
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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