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WebSentry PCI.

A new WebSentry PCI security module offers system integrators a solution to providing the cryptographic functionality necessary to support both the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) standards. WebSentry is now available with a PCI interface for PC/server installation or with an Ethernet interface for standalone use covering both merchant and acquirer bank (payment gateway) applications.

WebSentry e-commerce solution provides the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the widest range of throughput requirements of merchants, acquirer banks and electronic fund transfer (EFT) network processors in SSL or SET enviromnents. WebSentry also meets the mandatory requirements of highly secure hardware security imposed on acquirer bank (payment gateway) platforms. It is possible to upgrade the software inside the WebSentry units to cater for future enhancements to the cryptographic standards without the need for hardware replacement.

WebSentry is not limited to Internet-based e-commerce applications. It provides sufficient generic public keyinfrastructure (PKI) functionality to meet the demands of most applications where security is required - possibly involving key generation, digital signatures or encryption.
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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