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WebManage Technologies, Inc. releases NetIntellect V2.5 log analysis tool; Software to feature "Standard BPA International Report Form".

WHITE PLAINS, NY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 14, 1997--WebManage Technologies, Inc., the Internet and Intranet Technologies Company, today announced that it has released the third version of its flagship product, NetIntellect v2.5, a log analysis tool, with more than 18 new features. In related news, it also announced that through an agreement with BPA International, Inc., Net Intellect v2.5 will offer the "BPA Standard Report" form which allows clients to produce traffic reports that conform to BPA's interactive auditing standards.

NetIntellect v2.5 includes more than 70 features, 18 of which are completely unique to NetIntellect. It is 25-50% faster than any other comparable log analysis product and allows users to evaluate statistical, geographical, and marketing data about their Web sites. NetIntellect v2.1, released in February 1997, was awarded five stars by PC Computing magazine.

BPA International, Inc., a worldwide leader in interactive auditing, is a not-for-profit, self-regulated organization which offers independent, third-party auditing of Web sites.

"As the Internet matures, it is becoming increasingly important that companies with an Internet presence analyze and understand the traffic their sites are attracting, and that's especially true of those organizations seeking outside advertising," commented Vijay Basani, CEO and CFO of WebManage Technologies, Inc. "BPA has played an important role in establishing interactive auditing standards and is well respected as a leader in this area. As a result of our agreement, NetIntellect clients can not only obtain a detailed picture of their Web site traffic and other important marketing data, they can use the BPA Standard Report form to present verification of this traffic in a format that's universally accepted."

Michael Marchesano, president and CEO of BPA International commented, "With the addition of the BPA Standard Report form to NetIntellect, customers can now easily create reports that conform to our standards while spending very little time. As more and more Web sites turn to BPA for independent verification of their traffic, this feature becomes indispensable."

Some of NetIntellect v2.5's 18 new features include: over 500% performance improvement (NetIntellect can analyze between 10MB-25MB per minute depending on the system configuration); simplified startup user interface; multiple log file selection which lets users select and process multiple log files in one run and display results in a single report; improved organizational database--now with 750,000 companies and .edu, .net and .org domains; an automatic log file format detection feature; and optimized disc space feature allowing the NetIntellect v2.5 database to be as small as less than 2% of the original log files so users can store all the logs for an entire year or more in one database. This eliminates the need to archive data or cycle a database.

NetIntellect is an easy-to-use 32 bit Windows-based application compatible with all popular servers including Apache, Netscape (NSCP), Microsoft IIS (MSFT), Purveyor, IBM, Lotus Domino, Oracle (ORCL), QuarterDeck (QDEK), NetWare, Unix, Windows NT, Macintosh, etc. It operates with any Common Log File or Combined Log File from any Web, Intranet or Proxy server.

Pricing and Availability: To obtain a complete listing of NetIntellect v2.5's features and access the 30-day trial version, visit WebManage's Web site at The suggested retail price for a single-user version of NetIntellect is $199. To order NetIntellect call (914) 697-7555, or for more information, send an e-mail to

WebManage Technologies, Inc., the Internet and Intranet Technologies Company, was founded in 1995, and provides advanced Internet and Intranet tools for Internet/Intranet customers, OEM customers and end-users who need easy-to-use, high-performance solutions. WebManage's flagship product is NetIntellect, and v.1.1 was released in October 1996. Several other products are currently under development.

NetIntellect is a trademark of WebManage Technologies, Inc. All brands or product names are or may be trademarks of their respective owners.

CONTACT: WebManage Technologies, Inc.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 14, 1997
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