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WebFOCUS Supports WebLogic 8.1.

Information Builders are to support the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform through WebFOCUS for BEA Weblogic and WebFOCUS Open Portal Services for BEA WebLogic Portal. This supports the recent availability of BEA Weblogic Platform 8.1--a unified solution that provides business integration through the convergence of application development and integration from BEA Systems, Inc.


An enterprise BI and reporting platform, WebFOCUS is designed to provide companies with data-access capabilities and a comprehensive feature set that turns real-time data from all corners of the enterprise into relevant and intelligent business information. This can provide customers with a solution that allows greater scalability and deployment of WebFOCUS business intelligence systems throughout enterprises that have implemented the BEA WebLogic infrastructure.
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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