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Web programming; building internet applications, 3d ed.


Web programming; building internet applications, 3d ed.

Bates, Chris.

John Wiley & Sons


654 pages




With emphasis on implementing web sites on both servers and browsers, this completely updated reference covers no less than Javascript, PHP5, MySQL, XHTML, XML, Perl 5 and CGI scripts, making it a solid professional reference as well as a classroom text. Although Bates modestly makes no claims to this text's being comprehensive, this is one of the few that offers hands-on techniques of such a wide variety of developers' tools, with HTML (including hyperlinks and formatting), stylesheets, objects and dynamic HTML with JavaScript, CGI scripting and building web applications with Perl 5, and using databases and handling XML with PHP. Bates concludes with good common (and uncommon) sense about defining data for web applications, developing good design skills and results, protocols and case studies. He includes a glossary and information on accessing a database from PHP using mysqli and Pear DB.

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