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Web Sites for Summer Fun.

Your Web browser can lead you to generalized organizations like Disabled Sports USA <>, with its nationwide calendar of events; the National Sports Center for the Disabled <www.nscd. org>, which gives details on activities at their central facility in Colorado; Palaestra <>, the magazine for disabled athletes; and Wheelchair Sports USA <>, the granddaddy of them all. And there's a useful Web page, albeit from a British perspective, specifically devoted to sports for people with MS: <www. sport/msoutdoorsports>.

But we especially like the sites devoted to one particular sport. Here's a small sampling:

Association of Disabled American Golfers < adag/index.html> A single page with basic info about this advocacy organization. No interactive components or links, except for an e-mail link.

Handicapped Scuba Association International <> Excellent site for what appears to be a very active, and medically aware, organization. Lots of gorgeous photos.

North American Riding for the Handicapped Association <> Interesting information about the various therapeutic uses of riding (also known as "hippotherapy").

National Wheelchair Basketball Association <> This site is packed with so much information and cutting-edge features that it will keep you busy even on the summer's rainiest day

Don't forget to talk with your doctor or physical therapist about the challenges presented by your sport of choice.
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