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Although nobody can heat AR&FA's Web site for information on running, the Web Runner has run into what is probably the best health information site on the In an easy to understand format it contains articles covering every conceivable health topic from childhood stuttering to insomnia and every disease, disability, and injury imaginable. A query of headaches, for example, brought up 200 articles. New articles are published each week and visitors to the site can register for free weekly e-mail of new' information. is established as a commercial enterprise and as such includes advertising. The editorial staff, consisting of medical experts from top academic centers all over the country, remains independent accepting no input from advertisers as to editorial content. If you're wondering about a rash or Attention Deficit Disorder or gout or Alzheimer's, take a look. Too will be well informed when you log off. (CN)
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Date:Jun 1, 1999
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