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Weaver Scope Mounts division purchased by Omark.

It is certainly ironic that, after celebrating their golden anniversary of serving the American sportsman, the W.R. Weaver Company of El Paso, Texas, should have gone out of business on January 10, 1984, in what would have been their 51st year of operation.

Weaver had not only been a leading supplier of telescopic sights, but also one of the most prolific manufacturers of one of the most popular combinations of scope sight bases and rings ever offered to the shooting public. These rings and bases fit just about any firearm you could name: rimfire, centerfire, rifle, shotgun and handgun, you name it, W.R. Weaver had something to outfit you in style for the field.

Naturally, the word that Weaver was no longer manufacturing thee rings and bases sent a ripple of apprehansion through the shooting fraternity world. What would have do without Weaver?

Enter Omark, The Good Ol' Boys, whose products span the range from RCBS reloading equipment, Speer bullets, CCI ammunition and primers, Outers targets, tras, cleaning equipment, and Lord knows what else. Omark realized that there were literally generations of shooters who had a love affair with Weaver products and Omark was not going to let them down.

As of March 30, 1984, Omark has taken over the manufacture, sale and now stands behind the guarantees of Weaver scope bases and rings. Shipping of product has already begun and all manufacturing equipment has been taken over by the Outers plant in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

Regrettably, at this time the fate of Weaver scopes is in doubt. Omark's commitment is to the ring and scope base operation alone, and they have not, and do not, intend to take over the production of telescopic sights bearing the Weaver marque.

So, American shooters can at least heave a sigh of relief; the eminently practical Weaver rings and bases will still be available along with full service and warranty. Plus Omark states that they will be fully committed to research and development programs that may well expand this already overwhelmingly popular product. For further information, you can contact Omark Industries, Dept GA, Box 856, Lewiston, ID 83501.
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Author:French, Howard E.
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:Jul 1, 1984
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