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Weatherability tester. (Instruments).

A filter is offered for the Q-Sun xenon test chamber. Designated the "Q/B filter," it meets the spectral requirements specified in automotive standards SAE J1885 and SAE J1960. The filter has equivalent transmission to the quartz inner filter/borosilicate outer filter combination sold by the company. Q/B filters transmit a significant amount of short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV) radiation below the sunlight cutoff of 295 nm. This severe spectrum is used to accelerate test results for many materials. However, the spectrum would also be expected to cause some unnatural test results. The Q-Sun is used to test products and matedals for weatherability and light stability. It uses xenon arc lamps to simulate the entire spectrum of sunlight, including UV, visible light and infrared. Filters are used to achieve an appropriate spectrum, based on test protocol or application. Other filters for the Q-Sun include daylight and window glass. Daylight filters produce a spectrum that closely matches noon summer sunlight, and are commonly used for simulation of outdoor exposure. Window glass filters produce a spectrum that is equivalent to that of sunlight filtered through glass. (Q-Panel Lab Products)

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Comment:Weatherability tester. (Instruments).(from Q-Panel Lab Products)
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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