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Wear resistant hologram ribbon from DNP.

Japanese company Dai Nippon Printing has developed a new transparent hologram ribbon to use as a security laminate for ID cards, which has superior wear characteristics compared to its previous material.

The new material is intended for application in card printers, as a security laminate to protect the photo and other data, while also preventing fading of the photo and with five-times better wear resistance. In serving a dual purpose, the material can replace two laminates often applied to ID cards: one for wear resistance and one for security.

The new material has been subject to the Taber abrasion test (which measures changes in the thickness, weight and optical dispersion of a sample placed against a rotating abrasion wheel), where it shows superior performance to a standard ribbon even after five times more rotations (as illustrated).

DNP, which is one of the largest printing and print equipment companies in the world, produces payment and credit, ATM, ID cards, transport cards and staff ID cards and sees the new holographic film or ribbon as having value for all of these products.

The company plans to introduce this material to the market in April 2015 and envisages sales over the first three years of V3 billion.

Caption: Demonstration of the superior wear resistance of the new film

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Publication:Holography News
Date:Dec 1, 2014
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