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Weapons safety. (Quarterly Award Winners).

Award of the Quarter

T Sgt Marter made crucial site planning contributions that are pivotal to Nellis Air Force Base's continued efforts to comply with Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board mandates for complete explosives re-siting being accomplished no later than December 2003. Never satisfied with the status quo, TSgt Marter aggressively seeks out explosives safety areas needing improvement. He volunteered to spearhead the lead on exploratory siting of the Predator MQ-1 bed down plans for the munitions storage area. He provided crucial site planning guidance during the ACC F-35 Site Survey meeting and ensured planned construction of two new earth covered igloos met stringent explosives safety standards. He also expeditiously re-sited the Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field supporting the Predator buildup. The explosives site plans graphically highlighted new construction Quantity-Distance (QD) violations to civil engineers. His feedback saved $200,000 in proposed construction costs. A persuasive and succinct brief er, TSgt Marter provides highly informative risk assessment briefings to senior leadership on various ORM options based on graduated levels of risk and mission capability. He received positive feedback when he displayed his impressive depth of knowledge while personally briefing the AWFC/ CC on options to mitigate public transportation route (PTR) violations with Hollywood Road traffic passing by the Live Ordnance Loading Area. His subject matter expertise was evident when he briefed the 99 ABW/CC on three effective options to fix the PTR violation within the 5-year waiver time frame. His extensive knowledge of explosives operations was instrumental in preparing the newest Nellis AFB Supplement to AFMAN 91-201, Explosives Safety Standards. A true explosives safety mentorship advocate, TSgt Marter volunteers his personal time to conduct Additional Duty Weapons Safety Officer training for outside agencies, and he conducted the first-ever explosives safety program management training for the Remote Listening Fac ility at the Department of Energy.

TSgt Charles D. Marter, HQ Air Warfare Center, Nellis AFB, Nevada
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Title Annotation:military safety programs
Publication:Combat Edge
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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