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Weapons safety. (Monthly Award Winners).

Award of Distinction

This consummate professional's positive attitude has had a profound effect on the success of ACC's premier Air-to-Ground Weapon System Evaluation Program (A/G WSEP). He is personally responsible for the safe execution of weapons loading conducted during all A/G WSEP assessments. TSgt Nightingale has astounded senior leadership by showcasing his vast technical knowledge of precision-guided munitions (PGM). During an intricate weapons post-load inspection of the recently fielded Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser (WCMD) TSgt Nightingale noticed weapons load crew checklist fuse setting procedures did not match basic technical order (TO) guidance. Realizing procedures from the TO were the governing directive, he immediately halted all loading operations and contacted MAJCOM munitions managers and WCMD special programs office directors for further guidance. All parties concurred on his findings and immediately issued an Urgent Interim Operational Supplement amending all loading checklists Air Force wide. This seri ous oversight would have had catastrophic results if not identified. In a separate instance, his sheer attention to detail prevented yet another disastrous situation when he discovered several fin retaining bolts untorqued on two BDU-56 full-scale munitions. Again, he stopped the task, directed appropriate corrective actions, and ensured training deficiencies were not the cause of the incident. TSgt Nightingale's talents extend far beyond his PGM knowledge. His rare inquisitive nature led to an assessment of all programmable ground radios used by WSEP and evaluated transient personnel. This extensive review revealed nonexistent ground emergency frequencies. These frequencies are an Air Force requirement for anyone working on the flight line, especially deployed maintainers not familiar with Eglin AFB's diverse environment. His discovery fixed an essential link between emergency responders and participating maintainers. His actions also prompted mandatory quarterly inspections for all communication equipment. TSgt Nightingale's unparalleled approach to all aspects of performance and impeccable safety-first attitude are paramount in the 86 FWS' sustained superior safety record.

TSgt Paul S. Nightingale, 86th Fighter Weapons Sqn., 53rd Wing, Eglin AFB, Florida
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Title Annotation:military safety awards
Publication:Combat Edge
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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