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Weapons safety.

STAFF SGT. KELLEY E. HAGERMAN, 49 MXS, HOLLOMAN AFB N.M. Sgt. Hagerman identified live 5.56 MM and.50 caliber blank rounds mixed in with expended cartridge casings in the unit's munitions residue bins. His sharp observations directly contributed to the safety and success of the unit's personnel and mission by preventing any potential explosives mishaps. (Awarded Aug. 2013)

MASTER SGT. TROY C. GRAVATT, 1 MXS, JB LANGLEY-EUSTIS VA. While performing a spot inspection on Langley's munitions storage structures, Sgt. Gravatt discovered several lightning protection system air terminals missing on three earth-covered igloos. His decisive actions helped ensure the safety of critical assets and munitions flight personnel during the most active time of year for electrical storms in the Hampton-Roads area. (Awarded Sep. 2013)

SRA MATTHEW S. WALTHER, 455 EAMXS, BAGRAM AF, AFGHANISTAN. Amn Walther was troubleshooting a windshield antiice malfunction on an A-10C when he noticed something awry with the wiring going into the left-hand circuit breaker panel. His keen eye prevented the inevitable failure of numerous aircraft systems, an increased risk of catastrophic failure of the LAU-131 rocket pod, the potential loss of aircraft and the aircrew. (Awarded Oct. 2013)

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Title Annotation:AWARDS OF DISTINGTION; Kelley E. Hagerman, Troy C. Gravatt and Matthew S. Walther
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Date:Jan 1, 2014
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