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Wealth by the day.

Daily journal encourages sound money management

There is straight steering on the road to financial empowerment, thanks to Black Enterprise Books' latest offering: Wealth Building Journal: A Day by Day Journey to a Brighter Future, A Better You. Written under the guidance of BE Books Editorial Director Caroline V. Clarke, the Journal is a collaboration of the magazine's editorial staff.

Following in the tradition of earlier top-selling Black Enterprise Books, including The Millionaire's Club and Guide to Starting Your Own Business, the Wealth Building Journal is an essential tool for financial empowerment. A diary of daily, weekly, and monthly advice, it is a key source of strategies for becoming financially responsible. It presents steps to take to reduce debt, tips for saving and investing, methods to leverage your spending dollars, guides to teaching your children financial basics, and ways to develop a lifelong approach to money. To this end, readers receive expert advice from celebrated African Americans who have mastered wealth building, while enjoying enlightening and inspiring anecdotes, daily affirmations, and activities to pursue.

Clarke raves that the Wealth Building Journal is a multifaceted tool uniquely different from other financial strategies. "It allows you to chart your own course, record progress, and target barriers that have previously altered your road to success," says Clarke. "Whether you are aiming to get out of debt or discover new investment strategies, activities in the Wealth Building Journal help you to get past rough points, ultimately yielding a fresh start and a new economic outlook."

In line with other titles in the BE Books family, the Journal augments the continuous endeavor to financially enlighten African Americans. Specifically, the Wealth Building Journal is the ultimate supplement to the BLACK ENTERPRISE Declaration of Financial Empowerment and the Wealth Building Kit. Together, they welcome African Americans into a circle of wealth through knowledge, commitment, investment, portfolio management, and wealth building, all reinvested through children, business, and community.

Your commitment to building wealth can be the commitment of others. With worksheets, success stories, and the references needed to transform financial thinking, the Wealth Building Journal is a dynamic gift that will be available in time for the holidays.

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Title Annotation:'Wealth Building Journal: A Day by Day Journey to a Brighter Future, A Better You'
Author:Johnson, Raelyn C.
Publication:Black Enterprise
Date:Oct 1, 2001
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