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We-guana eat protein.

A West German zoologist may have come up with a workable plan for providing the population of tropical Central America with a high-protein meat -- and dissuading them from cutting down the forest.

"Eat iguana," says Dagmar Werner, who styles herself "Mama Iguana." According to Werner, a farmer can raise 100 6 1/2-pound iguanas a year on 2 1/2 acres of forested land, producing 480 pounds of meat.

In 1986, Werner provided local farmers materials for the construction of cages, nests and incubators and then released thousands of iguanas in two Panamanian villages. To make the iguanas feel right at home, Werner reports, the farmers "are planting trees like mad."

Werner has no illusions that the iguana will replace beed in the local diet. But, by encouraging the growth of trees, she said, it may at least limit the ravages of cattle ranching.
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Title Annotation:iguana farming
Author:Goethals, Henry
Publication:Americas (English Edition)
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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