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We won't yield to intimidation; LETTERS.

TONY Blair profoundly misunderstands sentiment in Britain when he suggests the Brexit vote might be reversed by his illusory promise that the EU will dismantle Treaties and return power to people and their national parliaments.

The 1975 referendum dispatched the UK with a one-way ticket into a world where voters are emasculated. From that date we could neither vote to overturn EU Treaties nor reject the 12,000 EU laws that have been imposed.

The 2016 referendum restores democracy and from 2019 we can vote for whichever manifesto offers the ideas and laws we want.

This is the power, hope and freedom that real democracy bestows.

The EU however functions like a one party state, unaffected by pesky elections, the Commission pursues its agenda unfettered by the will of the people.

Condescending and Orwellian threats like "we intend to teach people" from apparatchik Michel Barnier aim to keep subservient those who have the temerity to escape EU control. But Brits won't yield to intimidation.

Mairede Thomas Menai Bridge

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Sep 12, 2017
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