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We will remember them.

The day was overcast We remember our dead of long ago Those brave men who gave their lives So we could be free generation after generation Free to kill and maim To distort the very freedom they fought for Then came the hour, many people gathered On that cold Sunday morning Bringing with them memories of Fathers Brothers, Husbands and Sons A generation lost but never forgotten The time ticked on Noise, dust and debris entered that street Then came the silence Death came to Eniskillen that day Seconds later the screaming started Not only from those engulfed by the blast But screams from a time long ago From spirits that refused to die Oh Lord these people will not silence us Not with their bombs or guns or fear We will survive this Hell They try to take away our very light Our brightness will never shine again It brings new meaning to the words WE WILL REMEMBER THEM
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Author:Lee, Ann
Publication:Contemporary Review
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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