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We went for an [pounds sterling]85 face workout and this is what it was like; We went to a FaceGym to find out why people are raving about pricey face workouts which are meant to be as good as Botox.

Byline: Frederica Miller

Face work outs are the new skin care craze, for those who can afford them.

Meghan Markle is among a growing list of glamorous celebs said to swear by the energetic facials.

They are marketed as a non-intrusive alternative to treatments like Botox and are meant to leave your skin looking younger and plumper, and your cheek bones more defined.

FaceGymis the brand behind the face workout and offers a wide range of treatments.

From signature workouts to holiday skin, Face Gym treatments range from [pounds sterling]50 to [pounds sterling]225.

It may be on the pricey side but Face Gym must be doing something right as it now has six treatment points in London alone and plans on opening another in LA soon.

Face Gym describes its signature electrical work out as "a chance to rediscover your cheekbones."

According to FaceGym it's "An amped up version of the Signature Workout including 10 minutes with our unique FaceGym Pro device to stimulate muscles, contour cheekbones and restore skin's elasticity.

The full appointment time will is 55 min, which includes your 40 min workout plus a 15 min consultation."

FaceGym's most recently-opened branch is in King's Cross' cool new shopping centre, Coal Drops Yard.

Two of us headed there for a "signature electrical face work out" and this is how we found it.

I'm not going to lie, I was intrigued but also a little bit scared when walking into the Face Gym in Coal Drops Yard. It's a gorgeous location, which screams sophisticated summer shopping and dining.

The converted brick buildings, fancy shops and bars are hip and historic, plus it's only a short walk from Kings Cross Tube Station. The gym metaphor made me expect loud dance music booming out of the windows and a 1980s luminous workout vibe so I was relieved to discover a chilled and spa like ambience.

However you are greeted by a huge sign stating in capitals 'It's not a facial. It's a workout" and even asked to sport a sweat band to keep your hair out of the way when the masseurs work their magic.

There's an impressive range of treatments ranging from the [pounds sterling]50 Signature to the [pounds sterling]225 Holiday Skin workout which aim to naturally sculpt your jaw and cheekbones without the need of botox or fillers.

We opted for the Signature Electrical and the lovely Anthea who was in charge with making my face glow made a conscious effort to make me feel at ease, even when I couldn't stop laughing as she rolled a mini gym ball across my face and used a strange looking device (worth more than [pounds sterling]400!) to send electric currents through my skin which made my mouth and eye uncontrollably twitch (yes really!)

Despite the giggles, it was weirdly relaxing and to my surprise, after 10 minutes I was well and truly zenned out.

My face was practically radiating light after various sculpting methods and being coated in serum, facial oil, SPF tinted moisturiser and other potions. But what was even better was that there was a genuine improvement around my usually chubby cheeks and jawline and I'm not just saying that.

One side of your face is "worked-out" before the other so you can purposely see the difference.Overall, I had a great time, the employees were friendly and my face continued to glow throughout the evening and into the next day.

Unfortunately the face workouts are out of my budget but considering a "normal' facial is usually priced at [pounds sterling]30 to [pounds sterling]40, they are certainly worth paying the extra if it's in your price range.

I avoid exercise classes like the plague. Don't get me wrong, I like to work out but in my own time and on my own terms.

The idea of being hollered at by a cheery, leggings-clad instructor over pumping house music chills me to the core.

And everything I'd seen of Face Gym before going made me believe I was about to have my face pummelled and stretched by an overbearing personal trainer.

FaceGym's tag line is: "It's not a facial. It's a workout"- I was braced for face boot camp but was pleasantly surprised.

It's located round the back of King's Cross station in Coal Drops Yard, a high-end shopping centre designed by British architect Thomas Heatherwick.

The whole aesthetic of Coal Drops Yard is one of understated luxury, the refurbished brick storage spaces which once housed coal are now home to a string upmarket restaurants, shops and businesses - Face Gym fits right in.

I expected high tempo beats and tight smiles when I walked into Face Gym but the vibe was much more like a spa or calming yoga centre.

An impressive array of FaceGym products were elegantly displayed on a slab of marble to the left of the entrance. These included a face-sized yoga ball or "Face Ball" and a [pounds sterling]249 Face Pro, electric wand which looks uncannily like a sex toy.

"It's not a facial. It's a workout" is emblazoned on the wall but the gentle lighting and tranquil decor of the place makes you think it's more for Instagram than a true reflection of the gym's tone.

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Isabel went first so I knew what I was in for. I watched her don a "Face Gym" branded sweat band and lie back as she was gently probed and massaged by a trainer.

It looked far more relaxing than I'd imagined - Isabel seemed positively zen until the Face Pro was pulled out and she giggled uncontrollably while electric currents applied to her face made it twitch in all directions.

When my friendly face trainer, Oane sat me down for my work out I was excited but still a bit nervous about the electric bit.

The warm-up stage of the workout was a glorious face massage. Oane massaged serum into my skin and applied a hot towel to my face, instructing me to inhale and exhale deeply at different points.

I was so relaxed I hardly noticed when she firmly rolled a palm-sized yoga ball up and down my visage.

Then came the actual workout, hard and fast flicks of the trainer's deft hands made me face feel like a Sharpei with it's head out the car window - I'd never realised how much my face could flap.

The work out was a little firmer than Isabel's calm expression had led me to imagine. There were definitely moments where I felt my tense jaw being made to work and muscles in my face being stretched to the limit - this wasn't your average facial.

This was followed with a cooling gold roller that made me feel a bit like my face was being ironed out, in a nice way.

And finally the electric FaceGym Pro wand. My face was slathered in what I can only describe as lube. I felt like a pregnant woman's belly before a scan and then the power plates were applied.

I cannot begin to effectively convey how weird it feels to have electric currents pulse through your face, making you twitch uncontrollably.

But what I can say is that the resulting footage has provided my friends and family with minutes of tear-inducing, hysterical laughter for years to come - it's comedy gold.

My skin was definitely glowing after the work out and I felt my cheekbones looked more out there for a day or so after.

For best results FaceGym recommends you get the workout every seven to 10 days, which is way beyond my budget.

I'm not sure it's as effective as Botox but then I've never had Botox.

It's also slightly cheaper if you consider Botox costs [pounds sterling]100 to [pounds sterling]350 per procedure, according to comparison site the Right Clinic.

For those who regularly splash hundreds on their face and are looking for a less intrusive way to get tauter cheek bones, I reckon it's worth giving the FaceGym a go.

If anything it's a fun, albeit pricey way to pamper yourself. While I would be tempted to go back for a signature workout, which costs [pounds sterling]50, I don't see myself every spending an extra [pounds sterling]35 on top of that for the electrical bit.


Credit: Frederica Miller/Isabel Dobinson

We went to a Face Gym and this is what happened

Credit: Frederica Miller/Isabel Dobinson

Isabel Dobinson before face workout (left) and after (right)

Credit: Frederica Miller

The FaceGym Pro wand (far right) sends electric currents through your face to stimulate muscles, it costs [pounds sterling]429

Credit: Frederica Miller

Despite the bold slogans Face Gym felt more like a spa than a workout space

Credit: Frederica Miller

"Despite the giggles, it was weirdly relaxing"

Credit: Frederica Miller

Frederica before face work out (right) and after left

Credit: Frederica Miller

The gentle lighting and tranquil decor makes it feel like more like a luxury salon

Credit: Isabel Dobinson

The Face Pro wand looks a lot like a sex toy

Credit: Isabel Dobinson

"A cooling gold roller that made me feel a bit like my face was being ironed out, in a nice way."

Credit: Isabel Dobinson

Having electric pulses placed on your face felt bizarre
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