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We want to hear from you.

In an attempt to better express the needs and opinions of the nonwovens industry as a whole, next month NONWOVENS INDUSTRY will launch a new section. To be run on the last page of the magazine, Industry Voice will give you, our readers, the opportunity to share your views and opinions on certain events in the nonwovens industry.

Here's how it will work. Each month, we will pose a question, based on current events, reader feedback or other industry happenings, for our readers to answer. Readers can email their responses back to us at or fax them to 201-825-0553. Replies will be printed as space permits wit respondees' names unless they request to remain anonymous.

At Issue

This spring, EDANA in Europe, INDA in North America and ANFA in Asia, the world's three major nonwovens trade associations, have created the Global Nonwovens Advisory Board. This team of industry experts, which will be launched during INDEX 2005, will face the task of promoting awareness of the nonwovens industry, identifying global priorities for the industry, acting collaboratively across continenents and cultures, sharing information and, above all, supporting the development, growth and profitability of the nonwoven markets and trade.

The first summit, which will take place at INDEX 05 on April 12, will bring together invited business leaders from the nonwovens and related industries. The event will open with a keynote speech from Norbert Dahlstrom, former CEO and partner of Freudenberg and managing director Dahlstrom Strategic Consulting, and be followed with debates on issues of common interest to panel members. These could include tariffs and duties, co-ordination and support for a single major trade show in Asia, innovation to fight commodity status for nonwovens and nonwoven quality standards and unified test methods.

One subject sure to be discussed by this board is whether or not the current system of nonwovens trade shows--one in North America, one in Europe and one in Asia--is adequately meeting the needs of the nonwovens industry. So, we want to know:

How is the current rotating system of trade shows meeting your company's exposition needs, or what can be done to better fill these needs?

Please return your response to, subject line Industry Voice, or fax them to 201-825-0553. While responses can be printed in Nonwovens Industry anonymously, we cannot accept responses without contact information.

If you have a question you would like us to pose in the future, please contact us.
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Title Annotation:Industry Voice
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Date:May 1, 2005
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