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We voted for a new direction; Letters

I SEE yet again that a remark by someone, that could be and usually is, deemed inappropriate by the woolly-minded do-gooder brigade, is given much publicity, and the vilification of that person that follows (by the aforementioned brigade) knows no limit.

Who can deny that Enoch Powell was right? Multiculturalism has failed, and has caused the isolation of immigrants rather than their integration into our society (the remark by councillor Abdul Khan trying to align multiculturalism and a multicultural society was disingenuous at best).

And calling for his resignation by the Labour party was not only politically motivated but I think done out of fear. Because at last we have someone who will speak his mind and who refuses to be intimidated. I say well done to Councillor Williams.

I will not dwell on the rest of the comments, except to say that I agree with all of them.

No one can deny that we have many problems in our city and country, that have to be dealt with and the way to do it is to be open and honest with each other, not to pretend that they do not exist. We are now in the process of taking back control of our own country, which could and should be a fresh start for us all. The people of this country are what matter and the will of the majority must prevail, not some ideological, barmpot idea.

Colin Stubbs Willenhall, Coventry

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jul 25, 2016
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