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THE opening of the new Tollbar underpass brings back memories of my childhood when I lived in one of the houses adjoining the junction. At that time, the early thirties, there was no junction at that point because the A45 from Tollbar to Allesley had not yet been built. The London Road was just a single carriageway with a farm and some barns plus a few houses on both sides.

I remember the building of the Coventry bypass, and the first roundabout, and after the road was completed there was so little traffic that us kids used to play cricket on the carriageway on Sundays and seldom had to stop for a vehicle to pass. A very far cry from the hell on wheels that it is today. From the onset the roundabout was an accident blackspot, and over the years many thousands of pounds have been spent in a futile attempt to make it safer, so it beggars belief that it has taken some 80 years to come up with the ultimate solution.

I wonder if we have now read the final chapter in the history of this notorious junction, or is there still more to come? Ivor Keightley Stoke Coventry This is the first claim that they have announced before we have even become a combined authority. They will milk us dry once they have hooked us. Maybe we should have a referendum to stop Chief Exec Martin Reeves from doing his damndest to sink our city faster than the Titanic. Surely we have learnt our lesson from joining hands with outsiders. See where that got us.

Joe Fordham Henley Green Coventry

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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
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Date:Nov 23, 2016
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