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We told you so.

We Told You So

After flat denials that Dillard Department Stores Inc. was purchasing an eighth Florida store at Lakeland from Baton Rouge-based Maison Blanche, eight (count |em -- eight) stores smoothly changed hands last week.

A few weeks ago, Maison Blanche's Mary Sternberg told us that an agreement for the sale of an eighth store had been reached but nothing had been signed yet.

In later conversations with the Arkansas Democrat and The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, she denied even having spoken to us.

She all but called us liars!

Did she fear the wrath of Dillard's?

Had she spilled the beans in talking with one of our skilled "Whispers" correspondents?

Should we call her Wendy instead of Mary?

This time around, Sternberg had someone else return our call. She obviously didn't trust herself.

Wayne Hussey, senior vice president of operations and store planning, says the Lakeland store "became part of the deal two weeks before closing."

Hussey claims he didn't know what the total package price for the eight stores was. The seven-store package was to be a $68-million deal.

Anyway, we told you so.
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Title Annotation:Whispers; Dillard Department Stores Inc.'s denial of purchasing another store in Florida
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Aug 12, 1991
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