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We should be so immature.

The Wall Street Journal's "best movie" of the year, The Incredibles, mocks the "politically correct" practise of giving every schoolchild a prize for something, so the little blighters never get to prepare for "reality," where only "excellence" wins prizes. The movie portrays a dystopia in which superheroes are forbidden to help the masses. "Mediocrity" reigns.


When the Americans brought demahcracy to the Hopi in the 19th Century, they taught the kids basketball. The kids loved it and played all day, but they absolutely refused to keep score. Spoils the game, they whined. The Mbuti of Zaire enjoyed a tug-of-war--women on one side, men on the other; when one side started losing, one of the winners would quickly switch sides, so that the game would go back and forth inconclusively (oh, the horror) til people tired. Often it just fell apart in laughter.

When I told a colleague these stories, he confidently informed me that "primitive" societies compel their members to suppress their natural desire to shine and win over others, being too "immature" to "handle their aggression."

We should be so immature, eh? Is it possible that the classless Hopi and Mbuti would consider all our awards and prizes and excellencies not only ridiculous, but murderous?

GAD HOROWITZ, in his early work, made the term "red tory" a misunderstood cliche of Canadian discourse. Since 1967 he has taught political science at the University of Toronto. Associated with CD from the beginning, he was among the first Anglophone voices on the left to support Autonomy for Quebec and Canadian secession from the American Empire. Gad may be contacted at:

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Title Annotation:The Horowitz Paragraph
Author:Horowitz, Gad
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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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