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In the past we've talked about "global warming" and "climate change" and people have, not unreasonably, appealed to previous eras when these phenomena have manifested. But in the last few days we've seen blistering heat in mainland Europe, threatening death to many, and a risk of fires like those seen in California.

Contrariwise, Mexico's Guadalajara has seen a freak fall of 1.5m hail.

Last year Cape Town was gasping for water, this year the monsoon has been massively delayed in India and the city of Chennai is facing an emergency and possible evacuation.

These are only instances of why people are switching to the undeniable terms "climate crisis" and "climate emergency".

As pressure grows for radical declarations and resolve from local politicians, they should remember that for every problem there is a flip side. Reducing traffic will bring an improved environment and fitter population. Divesting from fossil fuels will encourage investment in renewable energy - not digging up and burning one's assets.

'Re-wilding' roadsides and planting trees down every street will not only clean up our environment and give us a calmer and more attractive city, but the investment will provide a valuable source of timber, an adaptable and renewable building material.

What's not to like about that? F. Alfredsman, Northern Quarter, Manchester How to stop whaling? IT is with great sadness that I read that Japan has started whaling again.

What is wrong with the people in this world that this should be allowed? What are our governments doing? What can I do? There is an increase in vegans, vegetarians and care for the environment, so why are our beautiful whales being hunted in this way? I am appalled. E. Greenhalgh, Salford EU will deny us certainty IF Rod Slater is correct that Liam Gallagher actually said leaving the EU is nonsensical, I'm obliged to apologise for accusing him of misrepresentation, although not surprised considering Liam's estimated PS45m worth; but certainly right that a second referendum is a ploy to stop Brexit (Viewpoints, June 29).

It's true that "a good deal is when two sides can feel satisfied that the deal is fair" and a blueprint for a deal was reached at Lancaster House in 2017 which gained cross party support in Parliament and was even welcomed as "realistic" by EU President Donald Tusk.

Theresa May then betrayed her pledges at Chequers in 2018 which the EU rejected and Parliament voted down three times with deep dissatisfaction. Article 50 was also voted for by 498 to 114; thereby giving Parliament an overwhelming mandate from the public via their democratically elected MPs to leave the EU; reinforced by the definitive EU election results!

When the EU was forced to provide a [euro]500bn firewall to stop the euro from collapsing, the decision was taken at the very last moment, just hours before the financial markets opened on a Monday morning.

Unless the UK is willing to walk away from an unsatisfactory deal, the EU will remain intransigent and further deny urgently needed certainty, but faced with a no deal, German recession, political discontent and excessive central bank debt - they will negotiate.

In the final analysis, compromise is wise but abject surrender is shameful defeatism! Bill Newham, Worsley Banks know who they owe COULD someone tell me why the television is filled with adverts claiming to help us recover monies due to us from PPI? Surely the banks know who they owe money to. Should they just not pay it back direct to the customer and cut out these middle men? Curry Steve, M21 Democracy, not economy AT the root of inequality in society is democratic deficiency, not the economic system.

In an improved system of democracy - including the full participation of the people - the people would, I'm sure, choose to improve the wellbeing of the people.

Full participatory democracy, from the local to the national, would end lawmakers responding to the demands of wealthy individuals and of big corporations.

As we face up to the imperative to alter our economic system to adjust to the climate emergency, we should - at the same time - improve our democratic system in order to reduce inequality.

Geoff Naylor, via email


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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:Jul 4, 2019
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