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We need to turn up the heat on MPs; OPINION.

SNOWBLIND souls facing down driving blizzards have not been alone in struggling to see what is staring them in the face.

Inside the dry and warm corridors of Westminster, our politicians seemed equally blind to the glaringly obvious.

A country gripped by the coldest weather for 30 years; our villages, towns and cities snowbound; and everything from our schools and roads to our businesses and hospitals frozen solid.

Clearly, the perfect week for another bout of navel-gazing and yah-boo politics from our elected representatives.

With most of us struggling to cope and our most vulnerable and frail struggling to survive, party leaders decided it was the perfect time to unofficially launch their election campaign.

There will be important issues to be debated during the looming battle for power and crucial decisions to take.

But our myopic politicians trying to score political points as their icebound constituents struggle to beat the harshest weather for decades only underlines just how the Westminster villagers live in very splendid isolation from the rest of us.

Cars are crashing in roads bereft of salt; people are dying too afraid to turn on their heating because they cannot afford the bill; and our leaders drone on in a bubble of complacency.

There is a time for serious debate about the big issues.

There may even be a time for minor politicians with major egos to attempt to dislodge their Prime Minister just months before a crucial election.

But there is also a time for working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the people of Britain get every help to endure and survive this hardest of winters.

There is a time for party politics and there is a time to make sure our councils have enough grit; to put resources in place to protect our weakest; and to strive to ensure Britain might - just might - be ready when winter bites again.

If our politicians could not see the difference last week, then they never will.

Perhaps they will only feel the cold when the vote comes in.

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Snow blind: Politicians should deal with weather not blether
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 10, 2010
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