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We need to go back to our African ways.

Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. Like the 300th issue milestone of your sister magazine, African Business, this one showed the extent you have gone to chalk a way for our continent.

In the December issue there was a letter from one Ikeny Kapua entitled 'Rediscovering our Africaness'. The writer proposes an induction centre for African leaders. Congrats for having such a brilliant suggestion in your respectable medium.

Indeed, that suggestion cannot be more relevant. The fact that we lack it today shows how far we have strayed from our own African traditional ways to drop into a mental abyss where we can only crave despair, disease and misdirection.

I, for one, have always pointed our that in our so-called "outmoded" African way of choosing leaders, all royals are groomed as future leaders right from birth. Despite this, however, upon being nominated to take the mantle of leadership, a leader is confined, inducted and indoctrinated before being put into office.

Leaders, therefore, take up positions knowing fully well what is expected of them. They assume leadership with the aspirations of a whole people fully known to them without having to resort to hotchpotch methods. Among the Asante and Ga in Ghana, confinement of leaders is practised to this day.

Yet in our so-called modern Western-adopted democratic system, we elect any Tom, Dick and Harry who can show that he has money and resources to campaign and immediately place upon him the responsibility of ruling a whole nation.

Is it any wonder that they crave meeting superstars, foreign leaders, enriching themselves, and naming every available monument after themselves? We, indeed, need to go back to our African ways to find our way back to the path from which we have strayed. Congrats once again for a job well done.

Daniel Asseh Allan

Accra, Ghana
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Author:Allan, Daniel Asseh
Publication:New African
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:60AFR
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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