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We need the sunshine vitamin.

Summary: It seems so ironical that most of us residing here are facing the perilous problem of deficiency of Vitamin D

By Shalini Menezes

Living in this magnificent city for the past two decades, and blessed with abundant sunlight, it seems so ironical that most of us residing here are facing the perilous problem of deficiency of Vitamin D.

Isn't it alarming - a land where the sun shines so brightly for more than 50 per cent of the day, has its residents dealing with a deficiency of something freely available in plentiful.

Hope is surely not lost, there is so much we can still do to set things right. Consuming tablets and supplements can resolve this issue to some extent. Nature has its own way of setting things right from a simple prick, to a deep cut to a bruise or a wound. Mother Nature has her solution for us in this predicament too.

There is a fine line that joins both obesity and Vitamin D deficiency and if we work towards solving one - we will find the solution to both - it's like the adage we often hear of, in Dubai, buy one and get one free.

It's time to change our lifestyle, for those who are home bound or work from home, wake up early and bask in the sun, let the sun rays soak into our bodies and seep into our skin while we walk to shed off those extra pounds that we keep attracting like a magnet.

On the other side, those who are working professionals, who might find it difficult to find time to bask in the sun during the morning hours due to the strict regime to reach office or work place on time, why not think about basking in the sun during the lunch break at least for a bare minimum 15 minutes a day.

And accelerate this process, by waking up earlier than normal on weekends and go on walks to feel the sun, walk and connect with Nature. This will not only relax the mind, body, it also sends positive vibes to your whole self.

I strongly feel, that organisations should insist that their employees make time to bask in the sun, create the awareness, drive the importance and collectively with employees take the responsibility to take care of their health.

We, as individuals, too need to pledge to ourselves that health is wealth and if we have that, materialistic wealth will find us.

When the leaders of this land, walk the talk, explicitly express the need to care for self and provide a platform to freely stay fit with their various initiatives only for us, it's time to wake up to bask in the sun first and then follow it by a hot cuppa coffee or tea.

- The reader is a working professional based in Dubai

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Date:Nov 4, 2017
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