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We need the Republican for attorney general.

We need the Republican for attorney general

Erika Harold has promoted anti-bullying and anti-sexual harassment reforms long before they became major current issues. She's testified before Congress on the need to address bullying and harassment. Her 2003 Miss America official platform was "Preventing Youth Violence And Bullying."

At the University of Illinois, Erika made the dean's list 3 times and was named a chancellor's scholar. At Harvard Law School, she won awards both for appellate advocacy and moot court briefs. As a practicing attorney she's handled complex commercial litigation, class actions, fraud and an assortment of other business legal issues.

If elected, Erika wants sexual harassment claims involving state officials, both elected and nonelected, to be handled by a judicial commission instead of the current commission composed of lawmakers.

If J.B. Pritzker is elected governor, Democrats will control the governorship, both houses of the Illinois legislature and all major statewide offices. How seriously would Kwame Raoul investigate and prosecute official corruption when he has received campaign support from Pritzker's "Blue Wave" organization as well as the Democratic Party of Illinois chaired by Michael Madigan.

According to the Illinis State Board of Elections, Kwame Raoul has taken approximately $100,000 in campaign contributions from tobacco interests.

The poor judgment Kwame Raoul displays in accepting tobacco money shows he has no business being elected Attorney General.

Steve Lasko

Lake Zurich

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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Nov 1, 2018
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