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We must face up to defence cuts.

TORY Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has been attempting to convince military leaders and experts that he is not in charge of managing the decline of the British Army; indeed he went as far as claiming that "defence is growing."

I really do not know who Mr Fallon is trying to fool. The British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy are all undermanned, underfunded and under-equipped, and there seems to be no long-term vision or plan to address these problems.

Just this week the UK launched an impressive new aircraft carrier to much fanfare. However, in recent years the size of the Royal Navy surface fleet has become alarmingly small and this has caused many people to question whether we are even in a position to properly utilise and protect these new carriers.

Successive governments have imposed damaging cut after damaging cut upon our Armed Forces and this has had a devastating impact across the board.

It is time for our political leaders to stop pretending that these problems don't exist and start talking about policies to address these issues.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 14, 2017
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