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We must create a just, fair society; Views of the North.

THE powerful words of CH Douglas quoted by Jack Hornsby in his letter of December 6 should indeed be aired in present times.

And as a template for future enablement for a sustained economy should be acted upon by those that aspire in leadership of our country, to create a fair and just society.

For unless the fundamental of this present chaos is addressed, lunatics running the asylum in which they live will continued unabated.

It is sheer madness to the extreme to insist on the extension of the retirement age and yet stifle the emergence of the young into the jobs market.

And surely unemployment levels can be addressed by the distribution of working hours? The long hours culture of Britain has massive implication for health, safety and quality of life, with associated costs. a

The ethos of 'work till you drop' for the many to sustain the privilege of the few is fundamentally flawed.

So where does the money come from to create employment and pay a decent pension in retirement? Well, perhaps a reduction in obscenely high energy and travel costs would allow the individual to save towards the future.

And perhaps the time is now right again to re-establish public ownership in certain sectors as genuine choice for the consumer.

After all our trading partners in Europe have no difficulty in accepting state ownership that competes in the market place.

As we see on Channel Four's Property Scandal programme, empty houses need modernisation, new homes need to be built plus there is a growing water crisis for southern England. So why can not these jobs be done? To utilise the potential of the unemployed, is not this the same approach to a failing economy? J WHITE, Newcastle
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 14, 2011
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