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We may feel glad to have had UKIP.


THE results of the elections for members of the European Parliament are potentially quite concerning at both a national and European level.

There are now a significant proportion of elected Euro-MPs who are, on the face of it, against the concept of the European Union. While some may say this is true democracy at work and it is important to have a minority challenging the majority rule, it is also difficult to reconcile how an individual Euro-MP who is against the institutions of the EU can discharge his or her constituency duties in good faith.

In the UK we may look back and feel we are lucky that it is UKIP which takes 24 Euro-MPS to Brussels to challenge the regime. In other countries there were a disturbing number of extreme right wing candidates who were successful.

A number of the EU The debate entered the realms of surreal when Jeremy Clarkson, fresh from another set of scandals, declared himself pro-European in the press.

practices are at best wasteful, at worst dishonest.

Reform Although in true Clarkson fashion, whilst an element of his support for Europe will undoubtedly be to generate controversy and deflect attention, his points about the historic benefits of multi-culturalism in the UK are valid.

rather than close For the objectors to the EU the key issue appears to be how the EU governs itself rather than an objection to the concept of a European Union per se. This is valid.

Anyone who has worked either in or with the institutions in Europe can see at best a number of the practices are wasteful and at worst they are dishonest. However, a reaction that says a set of institutions are badly run and therefore must be abandoned is short term and simplistic.

If the practices governing an institution or even a business are wrong then the correct answer is to amend the practices. Reforming the EU will be far cheaper than closing it down.

While UKIP undoubtedly did well at the EU elections, the result is now a potential platform for the party to influence an ethical reform of the EU rather than continue to campaign for the UK to leave the EU.

One thing is for sure; the only thing worse for the UK than the closure of the EU would be for the EU to remain and the UK to not be part of it.

Neil Warwick, partner in EU and Competition Law with Bond Dickinson

A number of the EU practices are at best wasteful, at worst dishonest. Reform rather than close
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Date:Jun 3, 2014
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