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We love telly: When girls are fellers - PICK OF THE DAY - DANGEROUS JOBS FOR GIRLS C4, 10pm.

Byline: by JANE SIMON

WHILE this series seems to be setting out to show women holding their own in a man's world, I'm sure at the back of somebody's mind was the thought: "Ah, yes. This'll take those pesky feminists down a peg or six."

Logging - as you'll know if you've been watching Ax Men on the History Channel - is one of the most hazardous professions on earth.

Even the men who actually do it aren't afraid to admit here that it scares the living daylights out of them.

So the Canadian loggers at Cataract Lake in British Columbia aren't too impressed when they see Helen, Tracey and Anna get off the boat in their girly skiing hats. Although having real girls in the camp is obviously a bit of a bonus.

They're going to be trained for the deadliest job of all - known as the faller. These are the guys that actually cut down the trees and it's a job with plenty of openings for new recruits.

In the past six weeks, three fallers were killed in those same hills and there are constant reminders that if the girls make one wrong move they could die in a staggering variety of painful ways.

"Never have your face here," they're warned in one of their chainsaw lessons. "It could potentially rip your face off."

Anna, a captain in the British army, who wants to represent Britain in the biathlon is worryingly confident and thinks the men are just bigging up the dangers. "They do the job," she shrugs. "It can't be that bad".

So as they struggle to even start up their chainsaws, will it be as easy as falling off a log? Or will they be petrified in the forest?

Without giving the game away, it was a nice touch that after striving to show they could cut it with the big boys, the girls were happy to let the men carry their luggage when they left.

And nobody shouts Tim...BER!!!! Shame.


LUMBER JILLS Helen Milne, left, Tracey Smith and Anna Barker at a remote logging camp in Canada
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 6, 2008
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