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We love telly: WE LOVE SOAPS.

Byline: by JANE SIMON


JO was probably right when she described Sam as the best friend she'd ever had, but she doesn't see it quite that way tonight when he refuses to stop meddling in her life.

After seeing her double-up in pain, he insists on taking her to hospital and tells the doctor what he reckons is the cause of her broken ribs.

Jo denies it all, while Andy's concerned about her relationship with Sam. As has already been pointed out though, if he's jealous of Sam, then his marriage is in even worse shape than he realises.


IF Ronnie huffs and puffs much more in her father's direction, her head might drop off entirely. An hour-long episode tonight sees Peggy sobbing her eyes out while Archie gives his nephew Phil a lecture in parenting skills.

Surprisingly, Sean, who needs another mental family like a hole in the head, is loving it.

But, surprise number two, Tracey the Silent Barmaid finally gets to speak!

Pretty much the last time we heard her talk was when she was tied up by Sam Mitchell a few years ago and even then I don't think she was allowed to get out an entire sentence. Whatever she has to say now is going to be worth listening to.


PAIN Jo visits the doctor
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 7, 2008
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