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We love telly: WE LOVE COMEDY - PUSHING DAISIES ITV1, 10.35pm.

Byline: by JANE SIMON

THERE can't be that many roles that call for an actress to dig up her dead father. But, incredibly, Anna Friel is at it again tonight.

In an episode spookily harking back to that time she and Sinbad unearthed Trevor Jordache from under the patio in Brookside Close, Chuck and Ned are at her father's grave in somewhat happier circumstances - if chatting to your dead father can be called happy, that is.

But while Chuck acts on a crazy impulse that breaks every rule in the bringing-people-back-to-life book, Ned teams up for the rest of the episode with the smitten Olive Snook, as the two of them bake their little hearts out in the Comfort Food Cook-Off.

If you have an allergy to folk dressed like fairytale characters from the cast of Shrek, then the lady from the Muffin Buffalo, who has come as Bo Peep, and Colonel Likkin (a southern gentleman with a secret recipe of herbs and spices) will send you screaming for the hills.

If not, then share in Olive's obvious delight at having the perfect alibi to stand eye-to-eye, shoulder-to-shoulder with her beloved Ned.

Or, given Olive's height, make that eyeball to armpit.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 20, 2009
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