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We help to free agony elephant.

Byline: Pamela Owen

AN elephant savagely beaten and blinded by his keeper has been freed after a campaign by The People.

The happy ending comes after we backed calls from Sir Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson to have the creature released.

Wounded Sunder, 13, will now be rehabilitated at a wildlife rescue centre near Bangalore, India.

For seven years he was chained by all four legs in a dark shed at a Maharashtra district Hindu temple.

Handlers stabbed Sunder with a hooked metal spike and beat him so badly his right eye was blinded.

Animal rights group Peta found him visibly distressed, rocking from side to side. He had sores where the chains rubbed his legs and scars from beatings.

Sunder tore down a pillar in a desperate escape bid but was subdued by handlers and put back in chains - until our crusade to free him finally paid off.


IN CARE: Blinded Sunder
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 26, 2012
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