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We found an amicable solution over our neighbour's noisy dog.

I READ with interest the article on barking dogs (Sunday Mail, December 6). I had a similar problem some months ago when our neighbour acquired a dog, which was left out in the garden overnight.

The dog, although well cared for and not tied up, would bark for long periods at night, either preventing us from getting off to sleep, or waking us in the night or very early in the morning.

After some weeks, I spoke to our neighbour who was sympathetic and understanding, but unsure what he could do about it, since he was not prepared to have the dog in the house.

He told us he is a very heavy sleeper himself and is not disturbed by the barking. Around 2am the following night, having woken up with the dog barking incessantly, I phoned our neighbour to wake him up and demonstrate what we were suffering; he was apologetic and promised to "find a solution soon".

After doing some internet research the following day, I identified several special types of collar which deter a dog from barking. These collars work, either with ultrasound or a very mild electric shock, which causes the dog discomfort when he barks, so they avoid barking to avoid the discomfort.

These products are quite inexpensive, varying in price from as little as GBAu10. I immediately emailed my neighbour with the details and the following day he was able to obtain one of these collars locally in Cyprus and it was fitted to the dog immediately.

The collar is removed during the day so the dog is not completely banned from barking. It is extremely effective and we no longer hear anything from the dog at night, and can sleep soundly. Obviously this solution depends on the co-operation of the dog owner, but I would personally have been quite prepared to offer to pay for the collar myself, if our neighbour was less co-operative -- it would certainly have been worth such a small price for undisturbed sleep!


Steven Kimberley,


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Publication:Cyprus Mail (Cyprus)
Date:Jan 3, 2010
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