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We face harsher controls; WAR ON BRITAIN.

Byline: By BOB ROBERTS Deputy Political Editor

HUNDREDS of sports arenas, shopping centres, train stations and airports have been deemed high-risk terror targets as Britain braces itself for a wave of attacks by al-Qaeda fanatics.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith warned Islamic terrorists have about 450 major sporting venues in their sights and 400 retail complexes. But despite the threat the Home Office has refused to name the sites at risk for "security reasons".

A senior source said last night: "Essentially, it would tell terrorists which sites had not been visited and told to improve their security."

Urging the public to stay calm in the wake of the Glasgow and London foiled car bombings, Ms Smith said officers had "substantially stepped up protective security measures" around the high-risk targets. All airports, ports and train stations are on high alert.

Tennis fans at Wimbledon were yesterday affected by the new measures as bosses stepped up their efforts to prevent attacks. A ring of concrete blockades surrounded the All England Club as stars battled it out on court.

At John Lennon airport in Liverpool, baggage trailers were lined up as a makeshift barrier in an effort to prevent ram-raid attacks. At Manchester Airport, all vehicles were also banned from entering the security cordon, causing long delays. There were no delays or cancellations at Edinburgh or Aberdeen airports.

In her first Commons statement as Home Secretary, Ms Smith said: "It is through our unity the terrorists will be defeated. We will not be intimidated."

There were reports yesterday that US officials received intelligence reports two weeks ago warning of a possible terror attack in Glasgow.

But Ms Smith said she was "not certain" they were true.


WIMBLEDON: Heavy security at venue
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jul 3, 2007
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