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We educate masses in traffic management.

Flare Panel talks to Mr. Sakib Berjees, Chief Executive Off icer and co-founder Car4u, who dedicated the website to the 47 children, who lost their lives in a tragic accident at Kalar Kahar on 26 September, 2011. With the use of cutting edge technology and aesthetic design, Car4u is destined to become an essential tool in the f ight to combat the tragic loss of life due to road traff ic accidents, and at the same time serve as an example to new start up businesses by promoting a new era in e-commerce.

E very year, tens of thousands of Pakistanis die in road accidents and millions suffer life disabilities injuries. Car4u is a leading state of the art website, which has been developed by 13 highly professional IT developers in London and Los Angles. Road Education Service is completely free for Pakistani people. Moreover, government is going to make its content compulsory in their schools, colleges and universities. Car4u is a mile-stone effort to educate the people of this country to overcome invalued losses in road accidents. It's indeed a great effort by Mr. Sakib Berjees. Car4u provides services in; Education, Motoring and Businesses. It also provides insurance services, sell and purchase facility and much more.

Sakib Barjees said after matriculation in Pakistan, I went to London for LLB, LLM and M.Phil, then I joined a private bank but my father insists me to come back to Pakistan. During these days the traffic accident occurred in Kalar Kahar, I was in office and thought how we can improve our traffic management to avoid such incidents in future then the idea of digital traffic awareness website floated in my mind. It's my firm believe, if you want to bring about positive change, it's not necessary that you need money or resources and authority but commitment and motivation.

We launched a small website, our team suggested me that it would be a charitable site but I said no, it will be commercial website because we wanted the site should have to be self-reliant for its sustainability. It should generate revenue.

He said, more than 430000 individuals participated in our online test, wherein 300-400 cleared their test. For the global audience we have launched it in 25 languages. So that it could facilitate as many people as we can. It also informs about, how to park car near schools, in CNG pumps, airports and hospitals etc. People don't know about the basic information but its impact is large. The basic idea was to educate the children for their better and safer tomorrow.

Sakib said, when I was young we had CD 70, still the shape is unchanged, Suzuki Mehran was discontinued by Japan in 1974 but we are still using; we were used to lit the fire with match stick but today we are doing the same; 30 people burnt to death in Lahore while 300 killed in Karachi because when the building caught fire, people couldn't escape, our authorities did not address issues related to health and safety. I have written a 78 pages traffic law, we created a road traffic authority; it has all information regarding traffic management and road safety.

Around the globe ring roads have exit and entry points respectively but you won't believe this, in Lahore a Ring road which is also known as Abdullah Gul Ring Road, having entry first then exit; no one bother to address this, it's a joke with the nation.

We have prepared a comprehensive authority about parking, which will help the government to collect Rs. 50-60 billion, registration and license renewal will be at one point which will enable government to improve tax collections, there is no need to impose new taxes but to improve the existing system and ensure law implementation.

We have prepared a complete biodata, in which police can trace a vehicle through 19 different techniques, if a policeman stops a car and dial its number he will be able to access all the data. All these practices are not new, developed countries have promulgated such systems to solve problems but we are still living in the Stone Age.

In Lahore alone, there are 156 traffic lights but only 14 are operational with only 25 minutes duration. The traffic wardens treated people like animals; on the challan form there is no such written material that shows the traffic warden can cease your property but they do. I question, under which law traffic wardens exercise this power to cease someone's vehicle or motorbike.

We have study the whole traffic system for 6 months and prepared a detailed report, recently I talked to a police officer, he said, you got education from abroad but these practices are not exercisable in Pakistan. He was the one, who went London for one year on tax payer's money, if these practices are implementable here then why he was sent to London for one year course? Traffic wardens lack in discipline and etiquettes.

Recently, I visited Islamabad, I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours ...I witnessed 2 vehicles, then 3, 5, 7 and then 10 Mercedes and land cruisers, the security personnel wearing masks holding guns towards civilians, when I asked why we are stopped here I was told, Army Chief is moving, then Prime Minister. It's my humble and innocent question, if you are petrified of your own people then don't come out of your house or office as it say ''if you can't take heat, get out of the kitchen".

I drive my car, you are wasting my petrol...taxes on mobile phones, tax on import, dining, surprisingly Punjab government imposed tax on education; the electricity bill is full of several taxes...we are giving taxes from morning till evening on daily basis...I would suggest people - don't pay taxes.

If the Army Chief and Prime Minister keep 200 vehicles and 2000 security personnel with my tax money then I object to this; if they do, they have to pay their selves.

We spend Rs. 80 billion on weaponry, Rs. 950 billion on army, the fight is not ours, corruption is on the peak, and nobody is sincere with the country and its people. The civilian bureaucracy after CSS becomes master of all trades. In universities, we were told to do specialization in only one discipline but after CSS we produce jack of all trades, they can engineer politics, NADRA, FBR, foreign services etc. He said, I would suggest Oxford and Cambridge why are you guys wasting your time just study our CSS course and produce master of all trades.

I don't want security personal to protect me, a Molana to protect my name and independent media to portray my image in the name of modernization; I can fight my own case, for God sake, take bold and concrete initiatives to improve the living standards of layman and guide this nation and Pakistan towards prosperity and progress.
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Date:Jun 15, 2013
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