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We each have a duty to keep fit, healthy.

In a recent article published by the Associated Press, it was reported that Americans are medicating their dogs and cats more than ever. The article noted that these pets were being treating for such chronic illnesses as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and, increasingly, obesity. We now have a pet population that is beginning to mimic humans in various chronic diseases and medication regimens.

It is widely known that other cultures that have adopted the American diet and lifestyle have suffered the effects of such habits in the form of chronic illnesses. The fact that our eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and subsequently chronic illnesses have infiltrated not only other cultures but also our beloved pets should give us cause for concern.

Unlike some countries, we have access to those things that can keep us nice and fit. We have a duty to reflect our blessed status in the form of a healthy lifestyle. In the end, other countries will admire us for our healthiness and Fido and his pal Rover will most certainly thank us.

Samuel G. Lindo

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Author:Lindo, Samuel G.
Publication:The Nation's Health
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:May 1, 2007
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